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This is an important questions for all of us in India, as we Indians are less customized of online purchasing. And this is not only for the games, movies or music but also for all the marketing we do. The main reasons for this are:

1. We have habit of offline purchase i.e. we prefer to go to market and do shopping as we have enough time to waste.

2. We will do bargaining with the salesmen/saleswomen and will be happy if they give us 10% discount on any cheap or inferior product for which they have pleased us to buy. We even don't know that they may have made us fool and ripped off our hard earned money as it is their business.  They are clever enough to do so and will not give you the time to make the right decision.

3. We never take into account the expenditure on petrol, auto rickshaw fare and the time we have spent.

4. We always resist to the new changes as it is human nature to resist all the good and bad changes.

So, I will suggest you to make a habit to always

Buy Online for the following reasons:

1. You have full control on your purchase decision. Online buying provides you the facility to make comparisons of the products in terms of specifications, quality as well as price.  You have not to quarrel with the sales staff trying to befooling you.

2. You will get the best price deals due to tough competition in online market also. You yourself may check by clicking any of the link below:

2. Several payment options are available there. You may pay through credit card, debit card (ATM), Net banking or even cash-on delivery.  All the payment transactions are done through a SSL certified highly secured gateway and your information is safe always.

Note: Please always check "https" is there in place of http in the web address of the website on which you are making payment or providing any information about credit card, bank account details or credit card etc.

3. All the best online stores in India will provide you full manufacturer warranty as applicable on all the products and you will enjou full customer support in your home or area as per terms of warranty.

4. Most of the products are shipped to your home without any extra cost.

5.  All the products are covered under shipping warranty insurance i.e. you have to pay nothing in case you get any product damaged through shipping.

6.  You have not to waste time and money on petrol or fare to go to market and search for a good product.

7. You have not to carry cash with you in the market so not fear of pick-pocketing.

8. You have not to quarrel to the sales staff trying to befooling you.

So enjoy tension free online shopping without any hitch. Search out below for any product you want to buy or want to gift to your lover now!

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